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  1. there is a leaking tap in our house right now but i never cared of it…is time to think abt it…thanks yaar.. manish

  2. you are alwaz welcome 🙂
    that's so good to read that you are going to repair the tap..
    one person is concerned and so the post has already served its purpose 🙂

  3. yeah…. nice one dude… fortunately in my home v dont have such taps….but ill re post dis n try to sever ur post as well as water 🙂

  4. @kaashyapi thank you 🙂

    that's so nice to hear that none of the taps at your place is leaking 🙂

    yes, you can share it with your friends using “share” button.

    the more people get to read this, (hopefully) the more water will be saved 🙂

  5. A lot of water is wasted in those taps. But that doesn't end there. There are still a lot of things we should look into if we really want to save water like for instance in the garden. We should use the conventional water container to water the plants rather than using a hose or a sprinkler.

    Wastewater Training

  6. agreed haley.. but then, i just pointed one of the many ways of it being wasted and a method to save it..
    thanks for your suggestion and stopping by 🙂

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