my journey…! (part 2)

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  1. We came here while checking blogs for inclusion in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.
    You learned one of the cardinal principles of writing on real-life topics, but you did learn some. However, we are not sure, this is the right lesson:
    “Avoid posting real incidents as far as possible on blogs, especially when it involves your friends. If you really want to post, then change the names for sure and try and make it as much fictional as possible.”
    On our blog, we have been waring bloggers against using content which is not theirs and on which they don't have the authority to use. There can be very legitimate ways that allow you to cover people's lives too. For example, if you were a journalist – and (i) protected the identity of the people involved, and (ii) had teken care not to step on their privacy – nobody would be able to take you to task.
    Why we are writing this is to emphasise that within the 'reasonable restrictions' needed on the freedom of speech, bloggers are free to write. Only if bloggers write freely and without fear will the blogosphere serve its duty of citizen journalism.
    Do you agree?

  2. the first para is exactly what happens with me time every time!

    so yesterday i wrote the whole thing (a sudden idea that struck me)on my mobile, saved it as draft & came back & wrote it on the system.

  3. @IndianTopBlogs : agreed.. but journalism is a completely different ball game.. this is my personal blog.. and I din't know that my friends would be so sensitive and that caused the real trouble..
    as long as there is no controversial stuff, anything can be posted.. but when there is anything even remotely controversial, then the sensitivities of the people involved has to be kept in mind.. 🙂

  4. @sujatha exactly.. I do the same.. but I simply note down the key words and not the entire idea.. mobile phones come handy whenever we are out 🙂

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