6 complete wtf situations in relationships…!

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4 responses

  1. how about 2 bestfrnds falling for the same person ? ultimate wtf situatin!!

  2. true.. that's another ultimatum.. 🙂

  3. mah situation is.. i love a girl.. but i m spending most of time with her friend.. with all emotions u have for a girl friend… now i suddenly started to talk wid d girl a love and tell the friend …. now she is like.. upset wid me.. telling me to put myself in her situation n see how would u feel when u tell me dat u r doing all d emotional and caring stuff wid some other girl… i m confused ..plz help (she knew i loved her friend)

  4. dude.. am no love guru that I can give you some advise.

    but then, just because you are asking, I guess you should make up your mind first who are you in love with really and truly. and then, make those both the girls sit and tell the truth. and now, its for them to decide what happens next. this ain't gonna be as easy as it was for saif in cocktail, but it is the only logical thing I can think of.

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