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16 responses

  1. Your very bad at reviewing movies, please stop doing this.

    1. Hey Wendy! Thank you so much for your opinion. I know am very bad 🙂
      Btw, that is ‘you are’ not ‘your’ 🙂

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. I am not sure if filmmakers hav done enough research in getting d facts right about the medal controversy of the Unified team(USSR) in 1992 Olympics as shown in d movie…if dis isn’t right, filmmakers could hav considered an imaginary country rather than maligning them…

    1. Hey Prasanna.. Yes, don’t know whether it was all fact or fiction. And that’s the reason I said that ‘the history was exaggerated’
      But then din’t mention this as it would have become a spoiler 🙂

  3. suprb movie,

    1. Yes Ajay, the concept was good but the running time ought to be a little shorter. 🙂

  4. The movie was awesome in my opinion.. 🙂

    1. Cool, Ben 🙂

      Thanks for reading my opinion 🙂

  5. The movie was awesome in my opinion.. iam actually nt a surya fan but i actually enjoyed the movie..Surya is actually a very talented actor, he always expects to do something different like vikram.. I appreciate the full maatran team for giving a successful movie…. plz if u dont like the movie dont give a bad review.. There are many other people who loves the movie… If u dnt like the movie keep it fr urself no need to publish it to the public

    1. Hey Shaheena.. I appreciate the team too for the novel concept..

      Well, it was my opinion. It’s upto you and others to read or not. And if you don’t like my opinion, you can simply ignore it.
      And it’s not like people will stop loving the movie after reading my review! 🙂 (if they stop, then…..)

      Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  6. I really liked it & i agree that the movie is bitter long but from sunday or monday 30mins of the movie is edited so, now the story runs some what faster and everyone can enjoy the movie…

    1. Hey Ganesh..
      I think that’s good news. 30 mins cut and the movie would actually become racy!
      I should have watched a little late, may be..! 😉

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. The word criticism apts rather than review…

    1. Pavan,
      I disagree 🙂

      Thanks for reading anyway! 🙂

  8. this isn’t a novel concept by Maattrraan. There was already a movie named “E” released in 2006 based on a scientist exploiting humans for research. It was a commercial movie indeed and a truly engaging. In this Brothers’ movie, I can’t accept Russian being widely spoken and apprehended in the predominant Ukrainian speaking country.

    1. Kumaran,
      Thanks for the info about “E”
      Yes, the whole Russian thing was a bit exaggerated in the movie.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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