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10 responses

  1. cool……………….

  2. haha….as always said, KJo’s movies are all larger than life!!! the difference in KKHH and this would be that SRK, Kajol were already established and people knew that they weren’t college going so they had to make effort.. the newcomers simply make it easy….atleast the movie gives some fres faces to watch which has been missing since quite long in bollywood!!!

    1. Yes, Swati..
      He always works only with established actors.. This was the first time that he worked with new-comers.. But then, the final product is so awesome, that you just can’t give enough praises to Karan 🙂

  3. such an engrossing review.. u made me feel as if i have to jus run n watch this movie NOW!!!! come wat may… 🙂

    i like ur style of narration…

    1. Yes, run and watch it, now!! 😀

      Thank you so much, Revathy!

  4. Aziz Khargonewala | Reply

    How Siddharth gets Alia is not shown, just imagine it, Also no dialogue for Gautami Gadgil Kapoor except “Chai loge beta?”
    Kapoors rocked in the movie. Whether Rishi Or Ram.
    I personally wanted a bed scene in the movie where Alia Sid are making out. Atleast Varun Alia’s scene should be there,even if for 5 seconds, it provides base for fantasy.

    1. Aziz,
      the movie focused more on the friendship rather than on the love angle.

      May be last friday’s release, “Rush” is the one for you and your fantasies.

  5. Great movie I loved it .good work karon

    1. Bandon,
      yes, a wonderful movie, SOTY was.
      Btw, that’s Karan 🙂

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