October 2013

Well the month of October had been a reviews month. There were 5 novel reviews, all of which were reviews on request and a movie review.

1) How I Got Lucky by Farhad J. Dadyburjor was a fictional tale exposing the harsh reality about the fashion and show business. It was more of an eye-opener.

2) Besharam starring Ranbir Kapoor took after it’s name and was really really shameless. The expectations were really high and the movie disappointed. But his real-life parents were also a part of the movie and they deserve an applause for their performances in this otherwise stupid and shameless movie.

3) The Cosmic Clues by Manjiri Prabhu was about an amateur detective who solved her cases with the help of Astrology. Funny and feel-good novel. 

4) Aisle Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya was one hell of a hilarious novel. It was about his travel experiences and his various observations during those air-travels.

5) Spying in high heels was the first of the trilogy by Gemma Halliday. Dumb blonde woman who was professionally a shoe designer and aspired to be a detective. Chick-lit, funny and hilarious. Made for a nice read.

6) Killer in high heels was the second book in the trilogy. Same stupidness, same fun and same humor. Went to be a bit trite, still made for a good read.

Yeah, there was not a single post on relationships in the  month of October. I know, even I regret that. But, unfortunately, this mind cannot churn out posts as and when I wish it to. If only… 🙂

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