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Women’s day speech

The edited version of my (small) speech at the college on the eve of women’s day celebrations.


Good morning one and all. First of all, i wish all the women here a very happy women’s day.

I am way too small speak about such powerful entities that women are, even then, I would like to make a feeble attempt. 


I believe that the ‘change’ that we are trying to bring, should come from with-in. We see, especially in villages, girl children are thought of as a liability whereas everyone wants a male child.

It is also one of the reasons why there is high infanticide rate in India.

Also, there is much differentiation in their upbringing as well. Boys are given full freedom whereas there are various restrictions for girls, a deadline of 6pm and such.


It has been widespread misconception about male misogyny and male suppression. I don’t think anybody is suppressed in fact there is a lot of encouragement for women these days to come forward and excel in their respective fields.


Although we celebrate March 8th as women’s day and am not against it, but just like we don’t need a Valentine’s day to express our love, I don’t think we need a separate day to respect women. All 365 days are women’s days! 🙂


Thank you!


P.S : It was off-the-cuff and not well prepared in advance 😉


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