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August 2013!

The month of AUGUST 2013 has to be the best month for the blog so far. Ended up penning down 11 posts in the month. Making it an average of a post every 3 days. Cool. Am glad. Am so glad.


Also, managed to read 5 books and a short-story in the month and also write a review for each.

Watched Chennai Express and also penned down my thoughts on the movie.

August 15th saw me getting paranoid about the independence and also got me wondering whether we really got any independence or not.

Also, wrote 3 posts in the category of relationships, that the blog actually stands for!




1) Amreekan Desi – http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/amreekan-desi-novel-review/ by Atulya Mahajan.


2) Wise Enough To Be Foolish – http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/wise-enough-to-be-foolish-novel-review/ by Gauri Jayaram


3) Silver Is For Secrets – http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/silver-secrets-novel-review/ by Laurie Faria Stolarz


4) Hiccups – http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/novel-review-hiccups/ by Harsh Pande


5) How To Gracefully Exit A Relationship – http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/gracefully-exit-relationship-novel-review/ by Frank Love




The Monkey Talk http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/short-story-review-monkey-talk/ by T. Lucas Earle




1) It’s friendship when – http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/its-friendship-when/

A post about best friends and how they usually behave with each other.


2) Best Friends – http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/best-friends/

2 friends in love with each other, yet not letting the other one know that they love. a bit of a sadness in the post.


3) Just leave me alone – http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/just-leave-alone/

post break-up, one of the conversations. painful again.


10th August: Chennai Express – Not a review : http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/chennai-express-not-a-review/

This post has brought in the maximum traffic to the blog even after writing as many as 7 posts after this post. Also, it still keeps bringing in traffic to the blog.

Power of Bollywood, SRK, Deepika, Rohit Shetty and Team! 😉


15th August:

Are we really independent? http://jigar-doshi.com/2013/08/are-we-really-independent/

few questions that we need to ask ourselves. and a few changes that we need to bring in ourselves.


So, the month ends on a high.


September is going to be busy. Very busy. So, I know there won’t be much time for writing. But, then again, when compares to August 2013, all months would feel like less productive only!




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